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Warehouse Solutions

Make the most out of your space with a steel mezzanine.

Mezzanines are a great way to add value to your business. From standard sizes to completely custom options, JJN can provide you with a turnkey solution.


Take advantage of the high bay ceilings in your warehouse by adding multi-tier mezzanines.

Material lifts can be optioned with your multi or single tier mezzanines to lift pallets or material up to the landing.

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Integrated power, lighting and shelving can be optioned with any size mezzanine.

Based on your specifications, all of our mezzanines can come equipped with electrical outlets, lighting and integrated steel shelving.

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Every one of our mezzanines has railings and stairs included. Every part of our mezzanine system is backed by a 5year workmanship guarantee.

Paint and powder coat options are available on every mezzanine. 

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Every component of our mezzanines and shelving is made and assembled in Massachusetts

We make it our mission to provide our customers with the best quality and service possible. 

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Weight rating is important when choosing your mezzanine. All of our mezzanines come with a standard weight rating of 180 lbs per ft.

Depending on the usage of your mezzanine we can sub our standard size square tube with a bigger size to increase the weight load of your mezzanine. 

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We would love to work with you.

With pricing starting as low as 15,000 for our standard 10x10x8. We are proud to be one of New England's premier mezzanine manufacturers. Reach out today to start taking advantage of your warehouse.

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